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The Rational Middle

Jul 27, 2022

Linda Lorelle, 17-year news veteran of Houston's NBC affiliate KPRC, has started her own company, Lorelle Media, and begun an effort to share the opportunities that immigrants offer our country.

Jul 20, 2022

Executive Producer Loren Steffy speaks with former Dallas journalist and two-time Peabody Award winner Byron Harris about his new podcast "When I Got Here".

Jul 13, 2022

Talia Inlender, Deputy Director of the Center for Immigration Law and Policy at UCLA, joins us to discuss their recent report on the Biden administration's dedicated asylum docket, and why it's rife with "miscarriages of justice."

Jul 6, 2022

With the traumatic deaths of 53 migrants in San Antonio weighing on our hearts and minds, we sat down to chat with Luz Garcini, Nonresident Scholar at Baker University's the Center for the United States and Mexico specializing in the study of trauma, loss and grief among Latinx immigrants, to help us understand the...